Lord Adrian Havec of Ackerly

"We are watching."


Adrian is only of average height, but built solidly for his frame. His fullplate, if one has an eye for such things, is modified from the style of the day with an extra curve around a few joints, a few shortened extensions, as well as some other minor details, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. It bears the raised pattern of a bird of prey with spread wings and open claws, which might have something to do with the brown hawk sitting on his left shoulder on some sort of leather pad. The hawk stares at you intently, in contrast to Adrian’s smile and open hand, but maybe hawks look at everything like that. Adrian has a faint scar on his right cheek, almost exactly following the line of his helmet.

Besides a hawk, Adrian is often found in the company of William, his page, and Minirnatranoskktan.

Hawk coat of arms

Height: 5-10 Weight: 180 Age: 26 Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Hazel
Aristocrat 1 Wizard 5 Eldritch Knight 4 Faith: St. Zarekhai and The One True God Alignment: Lawful Neutral
16+2enh? 11 14+2enh? 16+2enh? 10 11

Rolled HP: 8 (level 1), 4, 3, 2, 3, 2, 6, 4, 4, 3

Hit Points:69 Armor Class: 22=10+8arm+3bdb+1nat Initiative: +0 BAB +6
Fortitude Save Reflex Save Will Save Grapple
+8 = 5 + 2 + 1 +3 =2 + 0 + 1 +8 = 7 + 0 + 1 +6
Weapon To Hit Damage Critical Range
Masterwork Heavy Flail +8 1d10+4 19-20/X2 -
Masterwork Guisarme +8 2d4+4 20/X3 -
Masterwork Lance +8 1d8+4 20/X3 -
Masterwork Shortbow +5 1d6+3 20/X3 90ft
Armor AC Bonus Maximum Dexterity Check Penalty Encumbrance
Mast. Spiked Full Plate +8 +1 -5 20ft/round
Skill Modifier Rank Ability Mod Misc
Appraise +3 0 +3 +0
Balance -5 0 +0 -5
Bluff +5 5 +0 +0
Climb -2/0 0 +3 -5/-3
Concentration +1 0 +1 +0
Craft Armor +16 11 +3 +2
Decipher Script +5 2 +3 +0
Diplomacy +10 4 +0 +6
Handle Animal +1 1 0 0
Intimidate +14 12 +0 +2
Know(Arcana) +10 7 3 0
Know(Arch/Eng) +4 1 3 0
Know(Dungeon) +4 1 3 0
Know(Geo) +4 1 3 0
Know(Hist) +4 1 3 0
Know(Local:Golir) +4 1 3 0
Know(Nature) +6 1 3 2
Know(Nobility) +8 5 3 0
Know(Religion) +4 1 3 0
Know(Tactics) +4 1 3 0
Listen +2 0 +0 2
Ride +4 4 +0 0
Sense Motive +5 5 +0 +0
Spellcraft +13 8 +3 +2
Spot +15 5 +0 10
Survival +5 5 +0 0
Swim -7 0 +3 -10
Speak Language 0 1 1 0

Languages: Golirian, Nada’ath, Kelandish, Dwarven, Draconic

Power Attack; Combat Expertise; Improved Trip; Still Spell; Improved Base Defense Bonus; Craft Wondrous Items; Improved Toughness

Zephyr, Heavy warhorse with chain “shirt” barding
HP: 30 AC: 19 (1 dex 1 BDB 4 nat. 4 armor -1 size)
2 Hooves: + 6 1d6 + 4 and bite: +1 1d4 + 2
Listen 5 Spot 4 LLV scent
Fort 7 Ref 5 Will 2
Endurance, Run
Military Saddle
Saddlebags, Bit and Bridle, etc.

HP: 25
AC: 21 (3 dex 6 natural 2 size 2 BDB) (4 armor 4 shield) = 30
Talons: +13 (6
3+2) 1d4-2
Saves: F5 R5 W9
LLV Spot 22 (5 ranks +8 racial +2 wis +2 feat +5 item) Listen +4 (2 wis +2 feat)
Str 6, Dex 17, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 6
Alertness, Weapon Finesse
Improved Evasion
Empathetic Link
Share Spells
Deliver Touch Spells
Has all my skill ranks, uses own ability scores:
9, survival+9, know arcana+6, SM+7, dip+8
Speak with Master
Ride (for cover DC 15) +7

Possessions of Particular on Person (Usually):
materials for Gauntlets of Ogre Power
shortspear with flaming horn point – command word hastes 4 rounds/day
CL 5 Burning Hands Scroll
Magic Weapon Scroll
Invisibility Scroll
CL 11 Lightning Bolt, Protection from Arrows, Bull’s Strength
Eyes of the Eagle
Cloak of Resistance +1
Amulet Deflection +1 → worn by Minirna
Amulet Natural Armor +1
Belt Pouch, Spell Component Pouch, 2 castings identify
Silversheen, Elixer of Swimming
Kukri of Nada’ath make, 2 javelins, dagger
Signet Ring
Caltrops x3
Acid Flask x2
Alchemists Fire x2
Antitoxin x2
Tindertwigs x5
Healer’s Kit
Climber’s Kit + Grappling Hook + Silk Rope
Healer’s Kit 10 uses
Chain Shirt Pajamas
Flint and Steel
Signal whistle, Signal Horn
Candlex4, Chalkx3, Paperx12, ink, pen
Small Steel Mirror
Trail Rations x5
Sacks x3
Sealing Wax
Tindertwigs x5
Explorer’s Outfit
Maps in cases of Fort Gumet Area, Golir City, Golir Country, Keland

Possessions with horses/at home/basecamp
Masterwork Smith’s Tools
Noble’s Clothes and Jewelry
Small Locked Chest with 0 GP gems and cash, arcane locked
Pennant with coat of arms for attaching to lance
scry suitable mirror
flaming horns being turned into weapons – kukri, dagger? one horn left.


Adrian was born in Ackerly Keep late in the 6th moon of 1216, the youngest of three brothers and two sisters, though a third sister would follow him. As a younger brother, Adrian grew up quickly trying to keep up with his older siblings, taking to courtly study as well as arms and armor training with equal gusto. As a young boy, he was fascinated by magic, and learned the simplest tricks from his tutor, a wizard/scholar of minor abilities but who taught the Havec children their lessons and advised the Lord and Lady, providing minor magics as requested. Impressed with Adrian’s grasp of cantrips, he recommended a formal apprenticeship. During the discussion, Adrian could see the disappointment in his parent’s eyes, and the borderline contempt in his eldest brother’s.The teacher being the only wizard his family had met in person, he could guess what they were thinking about the worth of wizardry to a noble. In order to maintain his families honor and be prepared should there ever be call to war, Adrian declared he would do what no one else had: complete his training as a wizard while a scribe. Despite their expectations, his family indulged and arranged for him to study with a wizard of note, Master Serentai, at Fort Gumet, while he served as a page and then squire.

During this time, Adrian experimented with armor that would not interfere with his spellcasting, and the development of spells which did not require gestures. While he was not able to eliminate somatic components, nor the interference thereof by armor, he did manage to craft a working set of full plate for himself, and advanced from Page to Squire.

After an incredibly hard 4 years, 2 counting the time he spent as a page, his time as a squire ended with the death of his knight. With only a little time remaining in his squire ship, and overcome by shame and grief, Adrian was at a loss. Luckily, the commander of Fort Gumet approached him and made him an independent Man at Arms , but not a knight. After some time, he returned to riding with the border patrols, and was soon given command of a 6 man patrol.

Adrian relatively recently mastered the art of casting a spell with no gestures, and having learned all he can from Serentai while growing bored with the long rides along the border, Adrian has made his way to Golir city in hope of joining the Wizards of the Tower in seeking new magical knowledge.

On the journey, however, he was attacked by warriors from Enki, who followed some sort of cult of “The keeper of Secrets,” apparently organized by Nemil. They traveled with some sort of writhing mass of beetles, which was defeated, leaving a small Scarab Figurine with 4 legs unbroken. The beetles almost killed his page, William.

Sor confiscated the scarab. Sor, Archmage Valhan, and Adrian then questioned 13 nobles under zone of truth to see if anyone was conspiring with Nemil. One was found to be smuggling illegal goods. Another, however, had met Nemil and was sending money and supplies. He was blackmailed – if his elder illegitimate brother was informed of his heritage, the noble would lose his rights to a mine in Enki. He has been turned over to the queen.

Adrian, William, and Harlan The Modest have traveled to Mor’dan to track down the rest of Nemil’s cult by following the money. On the way, they encountered a man who had raised a troop of undead and was attempting to summon or work magic on the ghost of one of Adrian’s ancestors. Taking the man prisoner was a mistake in retrospect, as he was still able to shoot black energy and inflict nightmarish delusions on Harlan The Modest.

Arriving in Mor’dan, it quickly became clear that Cantell, the chamberlain for the noble’s mines and properties, was operating an illegal? gold mine with slave labor, and more deeply involved in the cult than a mere extortion victim. A wizard named Sielec (deceased) moved money to contacts in the East, and received coded (un-deciphered) letters. William has contracted lockjaw.

Lockjaw cured by the miracle worker. Crown in possession of gold mine, no longer slave operated. Verick, Tyra, Adrian, and Davin still following the money. Money apparently leads to a big dragon, Taniolma’atri, from whome Minirna was freed and now employed. They’ve traveled some together, visiting his home where someone is assassinating sorcerers, and unresolved mystery.

With many, they took a trip South to damage Yuri’s power, and guard a portal. Sadly, he managed to attack and take the Chasm, and besiege Golir city itself. The leader of these forces is apparently known to Aleran, and despite Adrian’s best efforts he was unable to slay her when she was at the gate, with unknown purpose.

Adrian’s Family:
Gerard and Isabelle, Lord and Lady Ackerly
Radulf was often teased as a child for having such an old name, but he just says it means the Saints will listen to him more often, since there isn’t anyone else to get him confused with.

Lord Adrian Havec of Ackerly

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