Aleran Vale

Sorcerer Activist


Aleran Vale
Human Warlock 10
Allegiances: Spontaneous Casters. His group, The Ephemeral Path. Magnus Vale, Amanda
HP: 45
AC: 18 (10 + 2(Dex) + 4(Armor) + 2(BDB))
Touch AC: 14
Flatfoot AC: 14

BAB: + 7/+ 2
BDB: 2

Fort: 3
Refl: 5
Will: 6

STR: 8
DEX: 14
CON: 10
INT: 16
WIS: 8
CHA: 18

Detect Magic (At Will)
Eldritch Blast (5d6, standard action, spell-like ability, 60 foot ranged touch attack,
half damage to objects.)
Damage Reduction 2/Cold Iron
Deceive Item
Fiendish Resilience (1/day, free action, spell-like ability, gain fast healing 1 for 2 minutes)
Energy Resistance 5 (Fire and Acid)


Bluff: 7 = 4 + 3
→ 13 with Beguiling Influence (Almost always up)
Concentration: 9 = 9 + 0
Diplomacy: 11 = 6 + 3 + 2
→ 17 with Beguiling Influence (Almost always up)
Intimidate: 6 = 1 + 3 + 2
→ 12 with Beguiling Influence (Almost always up)
Knowledge (arcana): 14 = 11 + 3
→ 20 with Otherworldly Whispers (Almost always up)
Knowledge (history): 7 = 4 + 3
Knowledge (planes): 6 = 3 + 3
→ 12 with Otherworldly Whispers (Almost always up)
Knowledge (religion): 10 = 7 + 3
→ 16 with Otherworldly Whispers (Almost always up)
Speak Language: 1
Spellcraft: 16 = 11 + 3 + 2
Use Magic Device: 6 = 3 + 3
→ May take 10 no matter the circumstances

Point Blank Shot
Ability Focus (Eldritch Blast)
Precise Shot
Leadership (16 = 10(level) + 4(Charisma) + 2(stronghold) + 1(Special Power) – 1(Moves Around))
Empower Spell-Like Ability (Eldritch Blast) (Effective Spell Level 3)

Eldritch Blast (5d6 [+ 1 within 30ft], + 9 [increases to + 10 within 30ft], 20 x2)
→ Included here to keep attacks consolidated. Not an item.
Crossbow, Light (1d8 [increases by 1 within 30ft], + 9/+ 4 [increases to + 10/+ 5 within 30ft], 19-20 x2)
→ 20 bolts
Morningstar (1d8-1, + 6/+ 1, 20 x2)
Chain Shirt (AC + 4, max dex + 4, -2 check penalty)

Least (3):
Beguiling Influence (Diplomacy, Bluff, and Intimidate + 6 for 24hrs)
Devil’s Sight (Can see in darkness, mundane and magical)
Otherworldly Whispers (Knowledge(Arcana), Knowledge(Religion), Knowledge(Planes) + 6 for 24hrs)

Lesser (3):
Eldritch Chain
Hellrime Blast (Fort DC: 20 or Dex -2)
Fell Flight

Character Notes: (This area is for things I encounter during the course of the campaign that I integrate into the character. None will be game-changing or relating to other characters. Most will be amusing.)
- Terrible with honorifics and titles

Last Edit: Leveled up.


Brothers. Sisters.
I see within your eyes the same dejected look I know too well.
The world has turned its back on you. Many of your families have tossed you aside. Many of your friends have grown fearful. Many of your governments, sworn to protect you, have turned to hunt you.
I see within your eyes the soul of one bashed, battered, broken, blamed, and banished.
But this should not have been so. This should not have been allowed.
This world is in an era of change. We have all felt its touch.
Look around you. Look into the eyes of those gathered here and know that each of those around you have been where you have been. Each of them have felt the cold shoulder of this world. Each of them have known fear, pain, and loss because of their gift. That is what we possess. A gift.
But this gift has brought us only pain.
No more.
We stand together tonight in solidarity. In unity. In numbers and, hence, in force.
The injustice of what is occurring in this land to those like you and me cannot and will not be tolerated any further.
Your friends may have run from you, but we can understand each other.
Your families may have turned from you, but we can support each other.
This world may have discarded you, but together, we can reforge it.
No longer will we live in fear. No longer will we hide who we truly are. We will, as one, rise and demand a place in this world for those like us. Those with these incredible gifts. Lift up your heads, my brothers and sisters. Shy away no longer from what you are. We are sorcerers, and we will not be broken.

- Aleran Vale, planned speech to his followers, The Ephemeral Path


Kira and Ordero Vale of Keland were a mismatched pair. Ordero was an illiterate town blacksmith who specialized in farming equipment. Kira was a scribe and scholar of Keland. While most chuckled at the odd pair, they were very much in love, but the differences were far from over. Ordero came from a long line of people known for their pious zealotry and devotion to The One God. Kira’s bloodline, however, was one tainted with unholy magic. The source long lost to history, Kira’s family held warlock blood. Its influence had not been seen in generations, and its forgotten effects were long overdue.
Aleran Vale was born the middle of three brothers to this unlikely couple. The oldest, in family tradition, was named Ordero and trained to be a blacksmith. They had long since lost count of how many Ordero Vales there had been, so no number could be attached. He was well received by the community and thought to be another great blacksmith in the Vale family line. Magnus Vale, the youngest, showed great promise in becoming a musician. His mother used her connections to get him a lyre, which he cherished. Aleran was a sickly child. He showed great promise in following in his mother’s footsteps as his cunning could be seen from an early age. He learned to read and write far faster than his brothers. Aleran soon outpaced his older brother, even with Ordero’s substantial head start.
The idyllic life would not be his, however. During a heated battle with his younger brother, as brothers are wont to do, the dark powers-that-be decided it was the perfect time for Aleran to awaken to his true calling.
Aleran remembers what happened next all too well. He remembers the power surging. He remembers fear. He couldn’t control where it went or what it did, and in a split second, his brother was on the floor, bleeding.
Aleran stumbled in to the other room crying. His brother would survive, but Aleran was in shock at what had just occurred. He sought answers, comfort, support, or sympathy. He instead saw only fear in his family’s eyes. They threw him on to the streets.
One by one, each of Aleran’s friends turned him down after hearing what had occurred. Aleran fled across the town and has never returned.


Aleran found the great temple of Keland and sought refuge there. After explaining that he had nowhere else to go and that he was willing to work to pay his keep, the temple became more lax in their quartering policies towards the urchin. Aleran, still thirsty for knowledge as his mother had taught him to be, began learning all he could about religion, magic, and history from the priests. They were surprised to find him not only literate, but catching on to the Dwarven language very quickly. They were happy to complete his lessons on the subject.
Aleran knew he would need a way out of the city, but with no money to his name, he would need to get a job. He learned that he could use the power within him to help him work with others and began to seek out merchants to apprentice under. After meeting one who seemed knowledgeable, Aleran helped make a particularly difficult sale and was taken under the merchant’s wing. The merchant, surprised at the young boy’s intelligence and literacy, taught him Elvish and Golirian, assuring Aleran that those were sure to be the most help to him when he became a merchant. The pay was amazing and he began to assemble the items he’d need to protect himself on his merchant journeys.
Aleran quickly found out about sorcerers from the Dwarven tomes and surmised that, while his magic seemed different from theirs, sorcerous magic must be different from person to person. It bothered him that he was ostracized for his power when, he reasoned, the same power was used by others to achieve good ends. Sorcerers like him just needed people to turn to to help them understand and nurture their power. With that in place, he concluded, they wouldn’t be feared but rejoiced.
His merchant employer did not share his feelings on the subject when Aleran attempted to open up to him. Aleran was once again kicked on to the streets. With nowhere else to go, Aleran went back to the temple and his dreams that seemed so close became far out of reach.


A year passed. Aleran was beginning to lose all hope when he heard about those who were seeking out potential magic users. He worried it was a cover up. Perhaps they were trying to round up all the sorcerers in the kingdom, he wondered. His doubts began to dissolve when three people, teeming with magic, entered the temple with a proposition of glory, money, power, and, most importantly, a chance to renew his dream. Aleran knew this would be his only chance and accepted. Having been granted a personal audience with King Saul, Aleran was surprised to discover that the King radiated magic. After some talking, Aleran agreed to be part of a secret group of people devoted to performing activities only magic users could do for the sake of their kingdom. After proving himself by delivering a message to an unlikely recipient, Aleran was to find and recruit another likely sorcerer, Laura Ethier. Their meeting was short and eventually he provoked her into joining their organization. On one of their first missions, Aleran and Laura saved the king’s son from poison, and in the process, Aleran learned that the king’s son was part dragon. Their next step was to journey to the far lands of Sef.


On the way to Sef, Aleran and Laura came across a town under a massive illusion spell hiding darkened skies and the risen dead. The duo teamed up with a nearby tribe and ended up finding the source of the bleak landscape. A golden medallion with the symbol of Bak’aren-atas. Aleran had the symbol melted down before continuing. It was not long after that they were waylaid by an unlikely source, a giant red dragon who carried Aleran far away from his group. The dragon introduced himself as Yuri and said he was King Saul’s brother. He attempted to read Aleran’s thoughts, but found Aleran’s will was not easily broken. He proposed a deal, giving Aleran a scroll containing the Dwarven version of the rise and conquests of the Wraith King. Aleran, tired of what he perceived as deception by both Yuri and Saul and unsure what to think of the Wraith King, formulated a plan to give them both an equal chance. He gave Yuri Saul’s location, but after Yuri left, Aleran used a scroll to summon a messenger to warn Saul of Yuri’s imminent arrival. Having done so, Aleran made his mind to start his sorcerous sanctuary early. After arriving in Sef, he made his way to the local government and formed a deal with them and the kingdom of Keland as his last act under Saul’s rule.


In Sef, he found two elves hiding in fear of being found. Feldon and Xyana were friendly and helped him search the city for sorcerers. After clearing all options and creating some contacts, Aleran and Laura headed south with the two elves in an attempt to set up in the Nada’Fan. After meeting a Sorcerer who happened to be a ship captain and striking a deal with him, Aleran and Laura sailed on to the port city of Huelin. In Huelin, Aleran and Laura found three girls, one of whom happened to be a sorceress. Amanda, Glissa, and Veronia were happy once they found that Aleran and Laura meant no harm. He helped them get good clothes and were able to teach them a bit about Glissa’s mysterious power. They happily agreed to help him with his sanctuary. The team chartered a voyage to the Nada’Fan after striking a deal with the captain. A new life was fast approaching.


The crew found themselves in Lalsim after a long voyage. Using what money Feldon and Xyana had left from their respective businesses, they “procured” the deed to a piece of land in a small farming community just south of Musai. With carpenters in tow, the crew made their way to their new home.

(To be continued when I have the time.)

Aleran Vale

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