Pirrin Whisperstaff

Dwarven Royalty; Lich { TT; GV; AH }


Pirrin is physically little more than a skeleton now. However, this skeleton still possesses its full mobility due to powerful magics which it still commands. He wears a small crown on his head and a tattered pair of robes, and he carries a staff of petrified wood with a small crystal that seems to be rather mysteriously unable to fall more than a foot away from the end of the staff. Because he has had little contact with outsiders – much less intelligent living creatures of any sort – in so long Pirrin has neglected nearly all care of his physical form and is covered in dust and mold which causes him to reek somewhat.


Pirrin and his brother Boruk Whisperstaff were royalty from Ptoril Dzarfen when it was under the auspices of the Wraith King. They were secret desenters from the cult of Bak’Aren-Atas, and attempted to work in secret to undermine his power. Unfortunately they were unable to do much more than to become liches and remove themselves from the city days before the ancient members of the Itchil Samnia arrived to wage war on that last remaining stronghold of said cult.

Pirrin established a base of operations for himself at the bottom of The Chasm where he has established an elaborate system of traps, golems, and nigh-unbreakable doors to keep people from wandering down toward The Great Pit, and from which he has been slowly attempting to close that portal through using a 7th level spell to create significant amounts of extra rock. Unfortunately, based on current estimates, it would take him too long using his current methods to close the portal before the expected return of Yuri, and has thus offered to aid in whatever effort is devised to speed the process.

Pirrin does not like to leave his post guarding the portal at the bottom of the chasm, nor does he like to be torn away from his research – and though he may have an incredibly vast supply of utility spells which he has developed over the years, he lacks for combative magics after more than a millennium and a half of relative solitude.

Pirrin Whisperstaff

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