"Yeesh, cut yourself up good this time din'cha? Well, no worries, let me get that armor off and patch you up, supper's cookin'."


Str 8
Dex 10
Con 13
Int 11
Wis 9
Cha 12

AC: 18 (Chain shirt + tower shield)
Attack: crossbow +0 1d8
Longspear -1 1d8-1
Shortspear -1 1d6-1
Saves: F:1 R:0 W:1
HP: 7

Feats: skill focus gather information, animal affinity

Diplomacy: 4+1=5
Gather Information 4+1+3=8
Handle Animal 4+1+2=7
Heal 4-1+2(kit)=5
Knowledge Local 4=4
Profession cook 4-1=3
ride 4+2+0=6

Light Warhorse
Chain Shirt
Clothing, Rope, Food, Dagger, Healer’s Kit, Needle/Thread, 5 days trail rations, Soap,


William is the friendliest guy around, just ask him.
William was a stablehand at Ackerly Keep when Adrian left for Fort Gumet. He has a knack for getting people talking and knew right away what was up. Before anyone knew it Willam was to be sent with Lord Adrian Havec of Ackerly as a page, though no one could quite remember who decided that. He’s been with Adrian ever since, doing whatever needs doing. While a little soft, he knows what he’s doing both on top a warhorse and navigating the servant’s passages. He will often let Adrian know the latest gossip from the lowest maid to highest chamberlain, besides making introductions, carrying letters, and arranging appointments, and patching Lord Adrian Havec of Ackerly up after battle.

William from lockjaw after being wounded fighting zombies by Verick York, and has added a holy symbol of Saint Mortimer to his outfit.


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