Black Hill

A much smaller city than any of those centered around the Kealndish Dukedoms, Black Hill serves as the seat of one of the three Provincial Governors of Keland.

The second furthest of the provincial governances from the City of Keland, Black Hill is also one of the most famed in local lore. Though it is no site of great pilgrimage, local city-dwellers will tell the folk tale that many ages past, before the founding of Keland, one of the saints came to the hill to meditate. Supposedly while he knelt there a great demon came to him to tempt him. The saint, however, was true to his vows and did not sin. The demon, in anger, summoned fire to rain down on the saint, and though the fires blackened the entire hill, the saint was unharmed.

There is no doubt in most people’s minds that this tale is little more than folk legend, but it’s still one of the favorite legends for city dwellers there. The reason no one is fooled, however, is because the hill hardly looks scarred by great demon’s fire. In fact it is lush, healthy, and teeming with life. It just so happens that the grasses all around this hill are such a dark shade of Green that they appear black to any but the closest inspection.

The city itself is not entirely confined to this hill, but actually stretches down one side of it to the mine entrance at its base. Atop the hill is the keep that serves as the home of the Provincial Governor. The aforementioned mine has long produced a fairly reliable supply of iron, and the adjacent quarry yields good building stone – both of which are traded throughout Keland.

Though life for the miners is often hard, the Black Hill mine has supported the community for quite some time, and the people of Black Hill have often taken pride in the fact that they help keep the Keland forges stocked and ready in times of need.

Black Hill

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