Lower Celestia

A huge grassland at the foot of the mountain Vuril whereupon stand the Great Cities and the Eternal Battleground. It is also where righteous mortals come after death, appearing in the realm in a place most reflective of their role in life.

The Great Cities are each enormous and grand. Each city is named after a single, pure metal out of which its every building is made. The cities each serve a separate purpose in the realm and each holds a Hall of the Holy where its ruler—one of the Archons of Virtue—resides.

City of Mithril
City of Silver
City of Gold

The Eternal Battleground is field upon which the Archons are ever engaged in battle with the denizens of Asmod who crawl up onto the field from the Great Pits. Righteous mortals whose greatest influence came from their role as warrior appear amidst this battleground upon their death. The Archon warriors are always on the lookout for mortals stranded amidst the melee.

The last particularly notable feature of the Lower Celestia is the Lansi—an enormous orb that resides in the sky above the plains and shines light down upon it. The Lansi is itself an Archon of a unique breed—Archons of Light. These archons are one of the only sort incapable of speech or other communication, and thus their actions are often considered mysteriously benevolent even amongst other archons.

Lower Celestia

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