A much smaller city than any of those centered around the Kealndish Dukedoms, Raulton serves as the seat of one of the three Provincial Governors of Keland.

Raulton is about the size of the smallest imaginable community that could be called a city. It lies far to the North-East of the capital city, and rarely receives many visitors. The city is supported primarily through taxation of the surrounding farm lands. Though the lands are not incredibly lush and prolific, they produce just enough crop every year for the governor to be able to collect taxes without bringing the province to the brink of starvation. Never-the-less, many inhabitants of the province are greatly unsatisfied with the amount of taxation and the lack of support from the capital city.

As it is so far from any other major cities, the peace in Raulton is kept by soldiers who are nominally of the throne, but their coins comes out of the pockets of the governor. Thus it is oft said among citizens of the province, or at least more oft than elsewhere, that to find a man’s true allegiances one need only ask him where he finds his pay.

During the recent, troubled times Raulton has found itself beset by a plague of corruptions much more blatant than usual. Because of the various distractions amidst the Dukedoms, the capital city, and far to the south, the issues in Raulton have gone largely ignored.


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